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Why onyx should be part of your jewellery range

It may be strange to think of stones as something other than decorative, but there are many who believe that the stones you wear help or hinder you in certain areas. Onyx stones are very powerful – just as powerful as they are beautiful.


The word onyx comes from the Greek word for claw or fingernail as it’s fleshtone colour was thought to resemble a fingernail. It has been used for jewellery, pottery and even architecture for centuries.


Although commonly seen in black, most black onyx stones are artificially coloured. Onyx normally comes in a variety of colours and are often multicoloured. It is difficult to know if an onyx stone is genuine or has been treated.


For centuries, people have been harnessing the power in onyx rings to advance their personal life. Often those who wear onyx jewellery report that the stone is related to grounding energy, balance, strong attitude, reasoning and self-discipline.


It is believed to bring rejuvenation when feeling depleted of energy. Onyx stone is great for wearing in difficult or confusing times of life as it grounds a person, keeping them focused and on task. Onyx jewellery is also known to bring happiness, and heighten intuition and instinct.


Due to onyx’s way of assisting in releasing, it is wonderful to have around if going through a break-up or divorce. Onyx rings make a great breakup or divorce gift as it is also great for keeping negative people away. Since it raises one’s resistance and persistence and enables one to carry even unmanageable tasks to completion- it is a very supportive stone that conveys strength. It is often used in mens rings for this reason.


Wear onyx jewellery as you start a new career or just before a new promotion. Onyx is great to boost self-confidence. Wear an onyx ring or necklace during an interview, a presentation or while asking for a raise. Onyx has strength giving energy and is a wonderful stone for athletes or individuals whose work puts them under extreme mental or emotional stress such as doctors, nurses or EMTs. Onyx jewellery is also perfect for entrepreneurs and inventors because of its blocking of negativity from others.
Onyx jewellery assists the wearer on a mental level too. It is said to increase one’s power to keep focus and quickly enhances the retention of memory and promotes attention to detail. These traits make Onyx a instructive instrument for pupils, teachers, business owners, accountants, lawyers, software and computer technicians, and all those whose work calls for high levels of focus, dedication and discipline.

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