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Why Is Pearl Restringing Important

Pearls are beautiful pieces of jewellery with a unique lustre and colour. Stringing them properly affects the way they look and how long they last. It is important to keep restringing pearls every one to three years so that they last longer. You can also spruce up your old pearl necklace by adding rondelles or a new clasp.

Read on to find out why pearl restringing is important:

It helps protect the pearls

Being sensitive gems, utmost care needs to be taken to ensure pearls remain in good shape over a period of years. In order to avoid pearls rubbing against each other, jewellers knot them. The silk thread stretches out however, and no longer prevents the pearls from rubbing against each other. Hence, pearl restringing can help maintain the knots and as a result, the beauty of your pearls.

It helps pearls last longer

The knots in your pearls can stretch over time and experience wear and tear owing to constant contact with perfume, dirt and oils. New knots are required from time to time to ensure they do not get worn out. Restringing your pearls will help you preserve the beauty of your pearls as well as help them last longer.

You can play around with the knots

Now that you know the importance of knots in a pearl necklaces, you should also know that some necklaces come without knots. This not only causes the pearls to rub against each other, but you also stand the risk of having your pearls scattered all over the place if the necklace breaks! Thus, it’s always best to knot your pearls while restringing. If you have a necklace with very small pearls, you might want to consider having no knots.

It makes your pearls more stunning

Restringing pearls can make your pearls look as good as new! Over the years, dirt and grime can cling to your pearl knots and make your necklace lose its lustre. A freshly restrung pearl necklace is not only taut but also looks refreshingly beautiful!

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