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When A Woman Wears A Signet Ring

A woman can share so many parts of her personality with the jewellery and clothes she wears. Just something as simple as a signet ring can share many elements of a woman’s personality.

When a woman wears a signet ring…

…She carries history with her.

A signet ring is a finger ring bearing an engraved signet. It is also called a seal ring. It has been around since biblical times, and as long as people have worn jewellery. It was used as a personal signature or symbol of family heritage. It typically bears a family crest or another symbol representing an individual on its distinguishable flat bezel. A design was usually engraved (often in reverse) either directly into the metal of the ring or an inset gem, and then pressed into wax or clay to create the personal seal, or signature. This history is directly imprinted into each signet ring.


…She plays with new trends

While signet rings have always being available to—and worn by—women, the trend seems to have spread deeper with them than ever before. Previously signet rings were especially popular with men due to their historical association with power. However, the more recent fashion for women wearing them is a post-millennium thing. Women do have more options for the appearance of their pinky rings. In addition to the popular, masculine styles, there are pieces set in 18-karat gold in coloured gems that feel fresh and modern.


…She looks at simple beauty

There is an inclination towards unengraved stone-set rings. The interest is in the beauty of the natural stone as opposed to the engraving thereon. It is a very modern take on the classic signet pinky ring and can appear very bold and fresh.


…She looks tasteful

The pinky ring connotes taste. Women who wear them have a lot of style and self-confidence. While you don’t have to be an aristocrat to make a statement with a personal ring, the reasons and the symbolism are different. You may wear a pinky ring because your family counts itself among the aristocracy, in which case the relationship to that reality is broad and based in family and history. It is different from the woman who wears a statement piece as a sign of individuality and personal style and strength. Signet rings are not necessarily the prerogative of the aristocracy. Today, anyone can wear them and may make up their own crest when they want to.


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