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What Makes A Piece Of Jewellery An Heirloom

Is heirloom classic, timeless, or just something you fished out of granny’s jewellery box? There are specific details that separates old jewellery from heirloom jewellery as they are not one and the same.


What is “heirloom” and what does it mean?

Heirloom means “a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.” It is a quality piece of jewellery that is meant to be worn, enjoyed and cherished forever. Heirloom jewellery options vary from diamond, platinum or gold rings, pearl earrings or necklace, charms and charm bracelets. It matters less what it looks like, and more the “soul” of the piece. Indeed, heirloom jewellery portrays a love story, a sad story, or a story of saying goodbye; heirloom jewellery is stuffed full with memories that should be preserved. It’s these stories behind the piece that make a piece heirloom. Wherever there are stories of love, dreams, accomplishments, and sometimes even loss, there is history. And where there is history, there is an heirloom piece.


What does heirloom jewellery look like?

Heirloom jewellery is classic in both form and style, and adheres to the design principles of quality, appearance and significance that have stood the test of time. Value, quality and beauty are all important factors that make heirloom jewellery. Typically, it is made of precious and semi-precious natural materials and is handcrafted- not mass produced.


Why does heirloom jewellery matter?

Handing down family heirlooms is the first step in understanding and staying connected to our past. An heirloom jewellery piece is a direct connection to your family’s history. As such, a ring or necklace handed down for generations has the sentimentality that carries sentiment to its truest worth.


How do you choose heirloom jewellery?

Heirloom jewellery can feature materials that range from the very expensive and rare to the semi-precious and lusciously coloured. The most important factor is how well these materials are incorporated into the overall design and how securely they are set into the piece. Choose hard gemstones, for example, if you prefer coloured gemstones, choose sapphires or rubies for their hardness.


Be sure to consider both quality and style when selecting heirloom jewellery. The general rule in heirloom jewellery: go for timeless, not trendy. When you choose a piece of quality jewellery to pass down through generations, you’re not only wearing a piece that projects your own bold personality, you’re investing in the memories and stories that can be treasured by generations to come.


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