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What Do You Get a Couple who is Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary

The 50th wedding anniversary or the Golden anniversary, as it is often referred to, is definitely a special occasion in any couple’s life. Spending half a century with the person you love speaks volumes of the bliss of married life.

When choosing a gift for a couple who is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, pick something that is elegant, personalized and timeless. Steer clear of the usual anniversary plates and other knick-knacks, as the couple is probably trying to de-clutter their life at this point.


Here are a few anniversary ideas to get you started:


1. Traditional Gifts

Anything with gold would constitute as a traditional 50th anniversary gift. Consider buying the couple watches, a cigarette case or champagne glasses rimmed in gold. You could also give the man distinctive gold chains and bracelets, and purchase a gold ring for the woman.


2. Tickets to a special event

If you think traditional gifts are done to death, and you want to gift the couple something unique, you could get them tickets to an event you know they will love. It could be the performance of their favorite band or a much awaited sports event. Wrap them with a golden ribbon for added effect. If you know where the couple had their very first date, you can also get them a special reservation at the restaurant and have the band play their favorite song as a couple. These simple gestures reflect how much you care about the couple.


3. Customized Gifts

If you happen to be a close relative or friend of the couple, you can get them gifts tailored around their personalities and quirks. It will be a meaningful gesture that the couple is sure to appreciate. This could include bags of candy with a personalized message on it, such as M&Ms. You could also gift them a bottle of champagne with a personalized label. Make sure that the wrapping over the cork or label is gold, in keeping with the golden anniversary theme. Another idea is to gift them a photo frame with their names and the date of their anniversary engraved on it.


4. Scrapbook

A scrapbook filled with special moments from the couple’s half a century together is another great 50th wedding anniversary gift. Ask their children to help you with all their photos, right since their marriage up to this point. Make a scrapbook with a special theme, such as their favorite movie or a sitcom or any other interesting idea. Wrap it up in gold wrapping paper and gift it to them. They are sure to appreciate the sweet gesture.


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