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Travelling With Jewellery: Packing Tips And Tricks

Jewellery is such a vital part of fashion and your personal look. It’s vital to bring accessories on your vacations, out of town trips and sometimes, even the gym. But how to organise jewellery without causing lots of tangles and tears is certainly something that takes a bit of skill. While travelling with jewellery is simply part of the modern woman’s lifestyle, the frustrations of tangled, scratched jewellery doesn’t have to be.


These jewellery travel tips will keep your accessories clean, knot-free and completely wearable- without tons of effort.


  1. Choose the right pieces for your trip

Be picky about which jewellery to bring — and liberal with which ones to leave at home. For a worry-free vacation, follow this simple rule: don’t bring anything you’re going to worry about losing.

  1. Invest in a travel jewellery organiser

Frequent travellers should invest in a travel case. These travel jewellery organisers or jewellery rolls are made specifically for jewellery. It will have compartments to keep your individual jewellery items both organised and free from tangles and scratching.

  1. Use household items to protect your jewellery. Many different household items can become travel jewellery organisers with just a bit of ingenuity.
  • Save your dainty necklaces and long chains from tangles and knots by slipping the ends of the necklace through a straw. If you have a chunky necklace, use a toilet paper tube.
  • Set your jewellery between two sheets of plastic wrap to prevent it from moving around and tangling inside your bag.
  • Keep earrings organised by inserting the pair into a button. It works to keep earring pairs together and prevent losing them in the travel shuffle.
  • Use an index card to organise many earrings. Simply poke the earrings through and place the earring backs on each pair. For hanging earrings, place a piece of tape over the hooks.
  • Use a daily pill box to to store individual earrings, rings and even smaller bracelets and necklaces. By putting just one item in a box, jewellery stays tangle-free and organised.
  • Small sealable snack cups are a great option for storing individual chunkier necklaces, bracelets or earrings.
  • Consider saving those sealable plastic bags you often get with inexpensive jewellery. You can put one jewellery item in each bag to keep things organised and prevent tangling. Then drop all the little plastic bags into a larger ziplock bag for travel. Better yet, head no further than your kitchen pantry and pull out some snack-bag sized ziplock bags.

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