Apr 08

Traveling With Jewellery: How To Keep It Safe

Of course your first instinct to keep your jewellery safe when you’re on vacation is not to carry any. But let’s not forget, a vacation is also a good time to put your accessories to use and dress it up a notch. A simple rule of thumb is this: do not carry anything you’re too afraid of losing. Other than that there are various basic pieces that you can carry with you as long as you keep them safe.

Let us take a closer look at the precautions to take while travelling with jewellery and how to keep it safe:

  1. Make sure your jewellery is insured: This is a pre-travel measure, and a necessary one if you want to be sure that you have some cover in case you do lose your jewellery. You might want to look into the different types of travel insurance policies and check if they cover jewellery claims.
  2. Carry your jewellery in a separate handbag: When travelling by flight, do not leave your jewellery in your checked-in luggage. It may be inspected as per security guidelines and thus be at risk of being stolen. Also, be sure not to take off your jewellery at check-points. Its best to keep your jewellery in a separate handbag that you carry around.
  3. Keep your jewellery in a case: In order to avoid your earrings and necklaces from getting scratches, it is best to invest in a good jewellery case. There are many good jewellery rolls and organisers available. Be sure not to put all your eggs in one basket though, which is to say do not put all your jewellery in one place. Keep a few pieces in the case, and others in your wallet.
  4. Do not leave your jewellery in hotel rooms: If the hotel you are checked-in at has a safe storage facility, that’s great. Otherwise, you might want to carry your jewellery at all times and not put it at undue risk by leaving it at the hotel room. Remember, the hotel’s staff always has access to your room and leaving your jewellery unattended is simply an invitation to be robbed.

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