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Top Mistakes Typical Customers Make When Buying Jewellery

If thinking about buying jewellery for that special woman in your life makes you want to break out into a cold sweat, well, you’re doing it wrong. Buying jewellery can be intimidating but, it should also be a fun and rewarding experience that leaves you feeling cool and confident.

Dazzle your lady with jewellery that truly shines and skip out on heartache by steering clear of these jewellery buying mistakes that will make you wish you could go back in time.

1. Breezing past the education

Making a jewellery purchase is a big emotional and financial purchase, so don’t treat it like your university exam-prep class. Let your fingers do the walking and read up a bit about buying gems and jewellery before stepping into a retailer.

Read up about the grading of diamonds, learn about the 4Cs, and research a bit about the different types of metals in fine jewellery. Get a basic idea of how to spot a quality piece of jewellery and what to look out for to avoid purchasing an imitation. Getting a little smarter about the buying process will only make your purchase go smoothly.

2. Choosing an unreputable jeweller

Buying online is a bad idea. It seems smart- with the free shipping and all, but once that piece has arrived in your hands, it’s hard to return and even harder to address issues that arise. Skip all that and just choose someone who is local, reputable and offers stellar customer service.

3. Buying for an imaginary woman

Get to know what the person you’re buying for likes and dislikes. No two women are the the same- so don’t treat them like they are. Figure out the specific style of your girlfriend, mother or wife before looking at the catalogue. Know the person’s preference: something flashy or a more subdued style; prefers earrings, bracelets or necklaces; has a favourite gemstone; only wears one colour of gold? What does she like? What does she need? What’s her size? Will this jewellery really knock her out?

4. Honing in on the price tag

Let’s say it together- there is more to jewellery than the price tag. Choosing a piece with a bargain price tag won’t necessarily yield a low quality piece while bargain-priced but low-quality jewellery is not really a value and won’t necessarily obtain the response you want. The same is true that you can’t just choose a piece with a large price tag to ensure a high quality piece. More expensive is not always better. People often end up choosing jewellery based on the price rather than the style. Often there are higher markups for certain designers, for commissions or other overhead type costs.

5. Not setting a budget

Fix a budget while buying jewellery as price points in the market can differ widely. You might find cost-effective jewellery that looks splendid. Thankfully, It is more than possible to find a high quality piece at an affordable price tag, when you shop with knowledge and a good dealer on your side.

6. Not buying for the occasion

Know the occasion and pick your jewellery accordingly. Save yourself the embarrassment of buying your girlfriend an engagement ring for Christmas. She’s going to think you’re proposing, and if you’re not- well, things can get sticky fast. In the same way, if you want to propose, remember that engagements call for elegant rings plainly because they can speak volumes about your love and send out a signal that you’re in it for the long haul. Jewellery is not just a gift. No other gift comes with more hidden or implied meanings and expectations than jewellery. Give just the right jewellery at the right time.


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