Jul 16

Top 3 Drawbacks When Buying Jewellery Overseas

After a long, relaxing vacation, it is natural to buy a few souvenirs when heading back home. But some vacationers may get carried away while buying souvenirs, and commit to buying something as valuable as jewellery overseas. This may be for many reasons, such as feeling romantic and wanting to surprise a loved one, thinking that they are getting a terrific duty-free bargain, and aiming for a profit. But beware; the novelty of this jewellery may wear off as quickly as your suntan, while the problems associated with it may not!

A number of tourists are lured into jewellery shops by their taxi drivers and agents, with the idea of getting the best bargain. But is this really for real?

Read about the drawbacks of buying jewellery overseas, and make an informed purchase:

Buying fake jewellery: Definitely the most obvious drawback of buying jewellery from an unknown jewellery in an unfamiliar country, is buying fake. Remember, in such cases, it is best to look for certified jewellery. It costs more than uncertified, but at least you can be sure of a genuine purchase. Certificates from the GIA laboratory cost $200, so your purchase has to be above $1000. Do not buy unbelievably cheap jewellery simply because you believe it’s a profit.

Getting duped by promoters onboard and booklets: These promoters could be anyone from your taxi driver to your agent to other travelers. It may also sound all too tempting to read those booklets that claim huge discounts on expensive jewellery and rush to the store. Be sure to ask repeat cruisers or locals, if possible, about the authenticity of the claims.

Returns are not easily possible: Remember, if your better half does not like what you have so romantically purchased, then exchanging the jewellery easily may not be an option. Even if they do like it but find a flaw in it, you will have to raise the dispute via mail or over the phone, and you can never tell, when and if, it will be resolved. Hence, you have to be 100% sure of your purchase and its quality.


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