Nov 19

The Secrets To Layering Necklaces, Revealed!

Mystified by the elusive world of necklace layering? We hear you and to help we’ve distilled the habits of those who have mastered this skill down to these secrets. We’ll share with you how to layer necklaces so that you look fantastic every day.


Make the lofty art form of layering necklaces your own by using our tips:

1. Have fun

This is the biggest secret out there: this biggest secret in layering necklaces is to PLAY! Play with different types of chains and mixing varying lengths for a cool, curated effect. Take bold risks and try things you’ve never seen done before. This is fashion! Have fun with it.


2. Go for a graduated effect

It’s looks great to pair shorter delicate necklaces with a slightly chunkier, longer necklaces. Start layering necklaces by using a small dainty necklace and graduate in sizes and thicknesses.


3. Make colours pop

Make the colours in your necklace stack pop by layering coordinating coloured necklaces with layers of chains. However, take care to limit your colour palette (or stay monochromatic all together) to avoid looking like you threw on your entire jewellery box. It’s ideal if the colour comes from the largest necklace in your stack for more colour staying power.


4. Add dimension through mixed media

Make your necklace stack truly interesting by mixing a neutral palette of pearls, beads and rhinestones to add dimension and glamour. Leather, metals, beads, rhinestones… whatever you can pair together can add dimension.


5. Try a collar

Achieve a collared effect by layering chunky chain necklaces that rest right on top of each other. They build up to resemble a collar, and this is a really popular look right now!


6. Personalise your stack

Personalise your collection with a letter or zodiac pendant. Try combining two small charm necklaces, a pearl bar necklace and a medium pendant necklace.


7. Gold is trendy and Silver is unique

Consider the look you desire when you choose your metal. Gold may be trendy, but silver can feel more unique. Use a dainty charm necklace, a mid-length pendant and a long statement pendant in your metal of choice for a slamming look every time.


8. Get boho-chic in a blink

Get an instant bohemian feel by adding a few coin necklaces. Coin pendants are a great way to add a little boho to your look.


9. Simple can be best

Try going minimalist. Layering simple chains is the key, with no pendants needed! Layers of chains of the same metal is a very swanky look for a very sophisticated person.



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