Aug 13

The Importance of Finding a Local Jeweller

The advent of e-commerce has truly made shopping simpler, more convenient and not to mention, less expensive. However, when it comes to purchasing jewellery, it is probably best to find a trusted and reputed local jeweller.

While it may seem that you are saving a considerable amount of money by purchasing online, in effect you are giving up the various services and guarantees that purchase from a local jeweller comes with, in exchange for a rather small sum.

A local store offers you the luxury of being able to see and touch the precious gems that you are buying and, if you go to a truly reputed jeweller, the assurance of a safe purchase.

Still not sold? Read on to find out why it is important to find a reliable local jeweller:

Customer services:

Nothing beats the experience of actually walking up to a jewellery store, telling the staff what you need and receiving their excellent customer service. Buying jewellery should be an exciting experience and a local jeweller very well understands this. He does not only offer you valuable advice and information while making your purchase, but allows you take a look at the wide array of jewellery options in the store. What’s more, you are treated to the best after-sales services such as repairs, checkups and the option of returns. You can even get your own customised jewellery with the help of talented designers.

Safety from fraud:

The most obvious, yet easily ignored threat in purchasing online, is fraud. Online jewellers can pass off less-than-adequate jewels and gems as genuine, and get away with it. While eventually their reputation may catch up with them, think of the enormous risk you are putting on your money to save a few bucks. In a local store, on the other hand, you can hold and see the quality of a particular piece for yourself.

Getting your money’s worth:

Being able to see and feel the jewellery your buying helps you ascertain its value and genuineness. The jewellery business is highly based on trust and you can be sure that your family jewellery will give you exactly what you’ve paid for, not a karat more or less. On the hand, if you buy online, you never know what is it exactly that you have paid for until it is delivered to you, days later.

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