Oct 22

The Do’s and Don’ts on Men’s Jewellery

Men’s attitudes to jewellery are on the move. It is not a new idea: historically, men all over the world have worn earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, chains, amulets, rings and more.


Do: Wear a watch

Let your watch be your grounding piece of jewellery. Like an anchor in a storm, your watch will keep your look steady and manly. Choose a classic metal piece or a vibey leather cuff watch according to your personal style.


Do: Find a necklace

Every man needs at least one necklace in his jewellery collection. Necklaces are an easy piece of jewellery to wear because they can be hidden under the clothing- so if your man isn’t too sure about jewellery, it’s a great starter piece. Men’s necklaces should be bold and simple, not multi-coloured, clumsy or overweight. Instead, opt for something trendy like a necklace made up of plain metal beads or something classic like a chain. Choose a chain with a medium-sized diameter, made of real metal such as gold, silver or platinum.


Don’t: Mix metals

Most men’s jewellery is metallic. Gold and silver tones are the most common.  Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time.


Do: Mix and match

Combining metals may be a big no-no, but mixing and matching styles is one big yes-yes-yes! If you’re wearing a fancy, shiny new silver watch, pair it with a colourful, low-end bracelet. If you’re rocking a punchy neon hiking cord, wear it with a worn-in metal cuff.


Don’t: Experiment with piercings

This is not the decade to visit the piercer. To avoid looking circa 2000 – steer clear of the needles on your face. If you must pierce, keep it to the ears (specifically, the lobes).


Do: Consider the meaning

Like women’s jewellery, men’s jewellery also has meaning.  People can interpret the meaning of the same piece of jewellery very differently. This makes men’s jewellery great conversation starters- so when purchasing jewellery for a man, be sure to choose jewellery that’s going to be meaningful within the situation.


Do: Exercise style caution

A man has to be careful when wearing jewellery pieces outside the norm. It can add a helpful bit of colour and uniqueness to an outfit, but can also look overdone and cheesy very quickly.


Don’t: Wear a toe ring or anklet

This one is very simple. Don’t wear any rings on your toes or a bracelet around your ankle (aka anklet). Leave these pieces to the girls. They can look much too dainty and sweet for menswear.


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