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Stunning Engagement Ring Alternative Perfect For Your Bride-To-Be

Make your proposal even more special by finding a ring that truly suits your bride-to-be. Sure, the obvious choice is the traditional solitaire diamond in a gold or white gold setting- but there are extensive choices of engagement ring alternatives that may fit the style of your true love. In fact, the traditional option of diamond engagement rings has shifted in recent trends and we’re seeing many alternative options become the norm.


With this list of 8 perfect engagement ring ideas, you’ll be sure to find the perfect alternative to traditional engagement rings for your partner.


  1. Make your own ring

It is possible to make your own engagement ring for your partner. A handmade engagement ring will be completely special and unique and can be designed from scratch to reflect your personality.


  1. Switch up the colour

Engagement ring alternatives don’t have to be completely off-the-wall. While a traditional diamond engagement ring has a white diamond, it’s important to understand that diamonds come in a variety of colours such as black, blue, brown, yellow, and many others in between. Choose a colour of meaning to your relationship or to your bride-to-be for maximum impact.


  1. Get a “knot”

You’re tying the knot. Why not give her a knotted engagement ring with a distinct shape and an obvious symbol of the upcoming wedding? It’s a tangible reflection of  truly “tying the knot” and becoming partners for life.


  1. Think about the infinity ring

For something extra special, choose an engagement ring alternative in an infinity style. This special ring can feature diamonds throughout the band or showcase a single diamond in the centre. If you’re looking for a more simple ring, the infinity ring can even be a plain band with no gemstones at all.


  1. Meaning means most

If there is an heirloom piece available that means a lot to your partner or yourself, then consider incorporating that into the engagement ring as an alternative. It could be a ring passed down from your grandparents, or it could be an old necklace that is no longer usable.


  1. Get rough

For a bride who doesn’t want too crazy a ring, a rough cut diamond is a beautiful option. These diamonds aren’t polished up to a high shine, but instead are more natural and feature a non-uniform shape. Set into a white or yellow gold band, this is truly a lovely alternative engagement ring idea.


  1. Stick to metal

A gemstone may not even be necessary to impress your partner. There are so many simply astonishing engagement rings that don’t have a stone anywhere on them.Go ahead and get a band instead.  Gold engagement rings demonstrate to your partner that you spent a good deal of money on the ring, however, instead of that traditional gold ring, consider another metal. Other metals are available in a range of blacks, greys, whites, or yellows making it possible to truly create a one-of-a-kind ring. Whether they’re a simple band, or a dual toned ring that is twisted into a beautiful shape, each one is different and possesses a beauty and uniqueness that simply cannot be denied.


  1. Gemstones are another best friend

A diamond isn’t always a girl’s best friend. In fact, it may be a sapphire or a tourmaline gemstone. There are so many different gemstones out there that make stunning alternatives and will truly bring that “wow” factor to an engagement ring. Select her birthstone, favourite coloured sapphire or any gemstone that “speaks” to you and you can’t go wrong.


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