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Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring? Here’s What You Need to Consider

When you are ready to buy an engagement ring it may seem overwhelming. Not only do you have to figure out where to buy the ring you have to figure out what type of diamond and style of ring your partner will love. It gets even more complicated if you didn’t already know that there are different types of diamonds.

There is hope. We are here to help! The best advice anyone can give you about buying an engagement ring is: do your research.  If you are able to find out what your partner likes then it will be a lot easier on you. Really investigate the style of ring they like, maybe even have them pick it out in a sneaky way so it sounds more like a fun date than actually giving you a  helping hand.

Problems can be avoided when you find a quality jeweller. This means a jeweller that is able to provide you with knowledge and answer any questions you may have about diamonds and engagement rings. One that understands how to help you find what is best for your partner. When talking with the jewellers be sure to find out how the ring will be made. Is it a cast ring or handmade? Are the diamonds Certified? Is a Valuation included? What after sale service is provided? What sort of wedding band will fit beside it?  All questions that need to be asked when looking for an engagement ring.

Once you have a jeweller in mind, the hardest part is finding the perfect ring. A jeweller with sound knowledge and experience will make this process easier. At Artworks Jewellers we design the ring with you and source diamonds for you to select, including you in the process from design concept to finished product.

Most engagement rings are diamond rings so it is best to look at what makes a quality diamond. Diamonds are based on the 4 Cs. The 4 Cs are cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. We will mention these terms while we are talking about diamonds. It is good to have an understanding of the 4 Cs so you are able to appreciate what we are discussing. If you have zero knowledge about diamonds, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for!

Cut refers to the proportions of the diamond. The cut will determine how bright the diamond is and if it sparkles. Diamonds that are cut too shallow or too deep will lack scintillation and fire.

Colour is the colour of the diamond. You might think all diamonds come as white but diamonds come in colours from D to Z.  The colour refers to the amount of yellow present in a white diamond. The top colour is D, white with no tint of yellow, grading down to Z. Most diamonds have a yellow or brown tint and the whitest diamonds are amongst the rarest.   There are also other fancy colour choices available such as pink, yellow, blue, brown, black and even orange!

Clarity is how perfect the diamond is. Jewellers may refer to how many “inclusions” there are in the diamond, the less “inclusions” the better. There are other minerals or tiny features in the diamond that can often change how pure it looks. The clarity of the diamond has a rating. It is best to stick with a diamond in the SI or better range as lower grades will allow you to see the inclusions with the naked eye and interfere with the passage of light.

The last C is carat weight. Carat weight is how much the diamond weighs. There are 5 carats to a gram. The bigger the Carat the bigger the size. It is best to find a diamond that fits your partner’s lifestyle and tastes instead of going for the biggest one you can buy.

However, there is more to it that just the four C’s! This is where an expert comes in. Here at Artworks Jewellers we have the expertise for you to have confidence in our ability to source the right diamond for you and design the perfect ring for your partner. Our engagement rings are made in our studio workshop at 135 Pakington St Geelong West. Feel free to drop by and have a chat with us about diamonds and engagement rings.

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