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Pearl: knotted versus unknotted

It is a common practice to knot pearl necklaces in order that a strand is more secure. However, there are some styles of pearl necklaces that look and work better without knots. In some countries, it is also believed that knotting pearls distracts from their natural beauty. Both knotting and unknotting pearls have their own unique advantages, and look good in specific styles of necklaces.

Let us explore each of their advantages in detail below:


Advantages of Knotted Necklaces:

Protection from wear and tear

This is one of the most important reasons why jewellers make knotted pearls. Knotting a necklace keeps the pearls from rubbing against each other and getting worn out around the drilled holes. Having knots allows the pearls room to move freely, and this is essential given the fragile nature of pearls.

Keeps them from being lost

Necklaces can break. But that is far from your worst nightmare! Imagine your pearl necklace breaking and you having to chase pearls all over the floor! When your pearls are knotted, even if the necklace breaks, you only stand a chance of losing just one pearl.

Best for:

Large pearls: It is best to secure large pearls with knots, as they are not very obvious as opposed to smaller pearls where knots can make the necklace look like a rosary. Large pearls are best knotted so that they remain secure.

Long necklaces: Having knots in a long pearl necklace is a great idea as you can then have a lot of fun with it. Wrap it around your neck in multiple layers or go with two, knots allow the necklace to move freely according to your will and wish. A stiff long necklace is a big no no!


Advantage of Unknotted Necklaces:

A necklace with no knots is tightly strung and retains the shape of a necklace. Also, since there is no space between the pearls, the strand can only curve to a certain limit. Hence, the reflection of light source is more uniform. A knotted necklace having room to move does not have a uniform light flow.

Best for:

Multi-strand necklaces: A multi strand necklace that is smaller than 20” is best unknotted. Since every strand must have uniform flow and must be perfectly matching, knots would disturb the flow of the necklace. The stiff shape would allow it to sit well on your collarbone.

Chokers and small pearls: Chokers below 16” are also best worn without knots. Stiff chokers look perfect. Also, as mentioned above, a necklace with small pearls looks more like a rosary. 

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