May 12

Morganite or Pink Emerald: The Stone of Divine Love

Named after J.P.Morgan, the great financier, Morganite is often referred to as the Pink Emerald. The stone is believed to bring joy, inner strength, compassion, and is also called the stone of Divine Love.


Let’s take a closer look at the properties of Morganite or the Pink Emerald:


Colour of Morganite: The gemstone is found in colours such as peach, rose, salmon and pink. In order to improve its pink colour, Morganites are often heat-treated, but this is not identifiable. However, some stone collectors are known to value untreated peach gemstones more than treated pink Morganites. Rose and pink tints are the commonly preferred choice.


Cut and Clarity: Morganite is pleochroic, which means it exhibits pale pink and deeper bluish pink, depending on which angle it is viewed from. Thus, it is important for cutters to orient the rough in a careful manner. The stone is cut in standard shapes as well as unique designer styles. Morganite does not usually have inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.


Healing properties: Known to have a connection to Divine Love, Morganite evokes a sense of peace in its wearer, along with boosting their confidence and inner power. It is also known to help in developing equality in relationships, as well as helps communicate in an effective way. Morganite is also said to help attract your soulmate owing to its Divine Love connection. If you wish to overcome anger and resentment, this is the stone for you.

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