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Jewellery Tips To Help You Accessorise Every Outfit Like A Pro

You may wear the most stylish outfit in the room, but if you don’t accessorise it correctly, you will have taken away the charm of the dress. Clothing accessories add that extra pizzazz to your look, enhancing its best qualities. Beware though, wear too many accessories and you end up going over-the-top. Its also important to choose the right colour and style, depending on your dress.

Here are some jewellery tips that will help you accessorise every outfit like a pro:


  1. Pick accessories of a suitable colour

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your accessories have to exactly match your dress; there are many colours that complement each other. When wearing a neutral colour such as black or white, you can opt for accessories of any colour. Be careful when wearing a multicoloured outfit though. Your accessories must not clash with the colours on your dress. Pairing primary and secondary colours with other generally works well.  


  1. Consider the occasion and your personal style

Your accessories and jewellery reflect your personal style, so pick those that suit the occasion as well as your own sensibilities. For instance, if you’re wearing a shirt and jeans, classic accessories such as diamond-stud earrings will go well. Whereas if you’re dressing up for a special occasion, add some glamour to your outfit with chandelier earrings and a large cocktail ring. For a casual brunch, candy-coloured bracelets or a chunky watch would be perfect.


  1. Choose accessories by jewellery type

Not all types of jewellery go well with all dresses. Here’s a guide for accessorising by jewellery type:



Ear cuffs are a classy piece of jewellery that you must have in your collection. They go with almost everything and look great. Save heavy earrings for tops without collars and don’t wear a necklace. When going for a formal event, wear understated studs or hoops. If it’s an informal occasion, you can wear plastic or wooden earrings.



Crystal and pearl bracelets look great with formal wear or the classic little black dress. If opting for a vintage look with boots, or hippie prints, wear an ethnic leather bracelet. Be sure not to wear a big bracelet on the same wrist as your watch.



When going for the classic look, opt for a simple ring with rhinestones or one with a pearl. Once in awhile, a massive ring can be used to spruce up an otherwise boring outfit. Try not to mix ring metal colours, stick to wearing one colour.



Long necklaces look great with a deep neck, while choker style necklaces are best worn with high necks. Formal gowns look good with long necklaces as well. When wearing a long dress, consider wearing a pearl rope across yor neck. Be sure the necklace accentuates the neckline and doesn’t overshadow the style of the dress.


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