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Jewellery Starter Collection: Is it worth it?

A good wardrobe keeps you covered for all important events in your work and personal life. But the right accessories are important too. This is where a jewellery starter collection comes in.

Some jewellery collectors are impulsive, while some like to plan every purchase. If you’re the kind who falls in neither category and are still contemplating where to start, this post is a good place.

As with most purchases, jewellery too is about your personal tastes and choices. Not everyone may be a jewellery aficionado. So the question is, should you invest in building a jewellery collection? Read on to find out some of the essentials of a jewellery starter collection and if it is worth it for you:

  1. It requires research:

It is important to understand the differences between the various types of jewellery. At a basic level, knowledge of the quality of the gemstones and metals you are purchasing and the factors affecting its price, is important. Also, find out the reputation of the jeweller you are purchasing from.

  1. It requires you to know where to purchase from:

There must be a good number of jewellery exhibits and fairs that you can visit to get a good idea about fine jewellery and also meet jewellers and collectors. The more familiar you are about the pieces that suit you and jewellers you like, the better it is for your collection. You can select stores of people you have met at fairs as they have a certain amount of credibility.

  1. It requires you to be invested in the process:

Jewellery buying is a creative process that requires commitment on your part. Buy pieces that you instantly fall in love with, pieces that reflect your personality. It is essential to devote some time and figure out your individual taste and preferences. Remember, all that is in vogue may not always be for you.

  1. It should be versatile:

A good jewellery collection boasts of versatility.  Think beyond the conventional pieces such as diamonds and rubies and consider adding some funky jewellery to your collection. Consider adding semi-precious coloured stones and pearls, as well as chunky bracelets and triple strand chokers. You can also borrow vintage jewellery from your grandmother’s collection.

  1. It needs great care:

Intense care needs to be taken to ensure your jewellery doesn’t get tarnished and its stones are intact. Organise your jewellery carefully in a jewellery box. Have separate compartments for long necklaces and bracelets to prevent them from tangling. It is best to clean jewellery pieces with non-abrasive materials such as soap and water, using a soft toothbrush.


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