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How to Spot a Blue Topaz Stone

Blue Topaz, the birthstone of December, is a popular semi-precious gemstone. It is glassy and transparent, and often used for framing large stones in rings or pendants. Blue topaz is known to symbolize fidelity and love. It is also widely believed that blue topaz improves your ability to communicate and express yourself better. The stones also help those who wish to control their temper.

If you are looking to purchase this beautiful gemstone, here are the qualities to look for:



Though clarity may be what you are looking for in a diamond, it is not the most important quality in a coloured stone. The interior flaws do not really impact the clarity in a coloured stone. As long as the stone sparkles, it does not really matter if the stone has a few inclusions and flaws. Only they should not keep it from reflecting light or make it muddy.



A blue topaz is a deep turquoise colour as that of the Pacific Ocean. The colour centers inside the topaz stone give it its colour. Heat and light affect the colour of a topaz and 99% of blue topaz gets its brilliant colour due to irradiation. The darker the colour of the stone, the more valuable it is. A few people do prefer a lighter colour of topaz, as the dark ones are similar to sapphires. If that is the case with you, you may be able to buy a stone that’s much larger.



The cut is an important factor in determining the value of the stone. Some cuts are more complicated than others. Since topaz is a fairly hard gem, it is mostly found in traditional cuts. If you want a fancy cut such as heart shaped, or an entirely smooth rounded surface, it will surely be more expensive.


Carat weight

Most topaz stones weigh only a few carats, the largest piece of topaz was from Brazil weighing over 6 kilograms. While blue topaz, like other gemstones is measured by carat weight, the ultimate determinants of its value are its qualities i.e. colour, clarity and cut. For instance, if two blue topaz stones that have the same colour and clarity but different cuts are compared, the one that has a more complicated cut will be more valuable.



The top surface must be checked carefully. It should be smooth and unmarred by scratches, inclusions or dents. A gem with an unpolished and rough top will not reflect light and appear as dazzling as one that has a better finish.

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