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How to Measure Ring Size

More often than not, your jeweller must be helping you find the perfect ring size. However, it is also helpful to know how to find your ring size at home. This comes in handy when buying a ring online or buying a ring as a gift for your loved one.

Use the following methods and tips to find your ring size accurately:

  1.   Use a paper or string to find your ring size:

Cut a strip of paper, approximately ½ inches wide and 5 inches long. You can also use a piece of string. Wrap it over the finger to be sized. Make sure it is large enough to slide easily over the knuckle.  Mark the paper or string where the long end overlaps. Measure the length with a ruler, preferably using the metric side. A word of caution: if your ring size falls between two sizes on the chart, it is recommended to choose the larger size.

  1.  Use a ring to find your ring size:

Take a ring that fits comfortably on your finger, not too tight. Remember to choose one for the intended finger, as each finger on each hand is a slightly different size. Get a circular ring sizing chart, printable charts are offered by many jewellers. There is a number of different circles of different sizes on the chart. Be sure that the sizes and scaling are accurate. Place a coin on the printed sizes to be sure. Place your own ring on the chart. Your ring size is one that matches the inside of your own ring closely. Opt for a slightly larger size, if in doubt.

  1.   Precautions while finding your ring size:

When finding your ring size, bear in mind that each finger on each hand has a slightly different size and it isn’t right to assume to one size will fit all. Also, it is best to measure your ring size when your fingers are warm, and at the end of the day, as they are at their largest at that time. Fingers tend to swell during pregnancy and while taking medications. Keep this in mind when measuring them.

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