Jun 23

How To Find The Perfect Anniversary Gift

It’s your anniversary and you want to floor your significant other by buying them the perfect gift. What better gift than jewellery, the object of every woman’s affection?

You may find buying jewellery intimidating, lest you get her the wrong piece. Like her clothes, jewellery reflects her personal taste and must be chosen with care. While you may be barely familiar with jewellery speak, it is important for you to arm yourself with the necessary lingo to be able to make the perfect purchase.

Here are some tips to help you buy jewellery that your partner can’t stop thanking you for:

1. Listen carefully:

Women like to drop hints, and as a loving partner, it is your duty to pay careful attention to them. If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t seem to be dropping any, it may be a good idea to induce one. You can take her to the mall randomly and walk past the jewellery stores. If she likes something, she will surely tell you.

2. Pay attention to her taste:

You may not be well-versed with jewellery speak, but you can learn a lot simply by paying attention to your partner’s style and tastes.

Take note of the pieces of jewellery she likes wearing; her favorite colours, and whether she likes subtle or flashier pieces. Buy jewellery that matches her personality type and instantly reminds you of her. An even better idea is to gift her something personalized, such as jewellery with her birthstone or an engraving.

3. Don’t be shy to ask for advice:

If you simply cannot gauge her tastes correctly, it makes sense to solicit advice from her BFFs or family. They are bound to know about jewellery she went wide-eyed over, and the kind that he would appreciate.

4. Get her the right size:

Getting the wrong size of ring or bracelet indicates that you were lazy to find out her size or that you just didn’t care enough. To avoid this, sneak away one of her rings that she doesn’t wear too often, as a guide.

5. Know her metal allergies:

After size, this is another important factor that you must be aware of. Mostly, allergies could be to base metals such as zinc, copper or nickel, because they corrode easily. It isn’t uncommon to be allergic to precious metals though. For example, sterling silver which is an alloy of silver and about 7.5% copper, is known to cause reactions to sensitive skin.

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