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How to celebrate your 40th Wedding Anniversary

The second major anniversary after the Silver i.e. the 25th wedding anniversary is the Ruby wedding anniversary or the 40th wedding anniversary. Ruby, as you know, is the gemstone for the 40th wedding anniversary. Rubies are believed to possess an inner eternal flame that symbolizes the passion that is still strong and alive after 40 years of togetherness. Spending four wonderful years together is certainly a milestone that must be celebrated in style. Your relationship has survived various storms and this is an occasion to reflect on all the beautiful memories you have made together, and look forward for the ones yet to be made.


Here are a few ideas to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary:


1. Give ruby-themed gifts to your spouse

Apart from actually gifting your wife rubies, spend some time thinking beyond jewellery. Decorate your house with ruby red glittered flowers, centerpieces, balloons, cards, etc. as a surprise for your partner. Set the table with ruby red tinted crystal and china, ruby red tablecloth and ruby red looking votive candles. You could also prepare a candlelit dinner with ruby red candles for your spouse.


2. Take a trip together

Taking a vacation with your partner is a great way to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary. Let the theme, ruby, guide you when picking a destination.If you don’t wish to go as per the ruby theme, then it would also be a good idea to visit your honeymoon destination or places the two of you have always wanted to visit together.


3. Make a Wish Tree

A unique way of celebrating the ruby anniversary is to make a wish tree together. Paint a large branch ruby red. Decorate it with ruby red ribbons, ornaments and other ruby red decorations. Adorn it with pictures of all the memories you have created in the past four decades such as your kids’ graduation, birthday parties, birth of your grandchildren, etc. and reflect on all wonderful moments. Along with photographs, you can also put traveller’s checks, vacation tickets, etc. on the tree. While these may be some of your best moments together, remember, your fondest memories are yet to be made.


4. Go for a quiet picnic

If you are not into travelling, the two of you can always go for a quiet little picnic together. Use ruby cups and plates to add a special touch to the celebration. Toast each other with ruby red wine in ruby red glasses. Think about the glorious four decades that you have spent together and let your partner know how much you appreciate their love and support.


5. Throw a party

The 40th wedding anniversary is a great occasion to celebrate with family and friends. Throw a party with 40 of your closest family members and friends in attendance, and use ruby as your theme. Serve red wine, and decorate the house with red roses and red floating candles in a bowl. To surprise your partner, you can also make a slideshow with pictures of your best memories and play it at the party!


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