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How to Buy the Perfect Valentine’s Jewellery

Valentine’s day is love day and what better way to show you love your partner than through beautiful valentines jewellery? Choosing the perfect jewellery as a Valentine’s gift should be fun and not something you put off until the last minute because you are clueless on what to buy.


Before you get started, make sure that the Valentine’s jewellery you are buying is something that the recipient likes to wear. Does she prefer sterling silver, platinum or 9ct or 18ct yellow gold? Does she like petite or bold size styles? If possible, look through her jewellery box to get an idea of her taste in accessories.


Here’s a few smart valentines day gift ideas to get you started:


  1. Heart Jewellery

Heart jewellery is the most popular Valentine’s Day gift because it is the universal symbol of love. You can’t go wrong with anything romantic, such as heart pins and lockets, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets or charms.


  1. Diamond Jewellery


Jewellery will let your partner know exactly how much you love them. Show them that your love is eternal with a diamond that is for forever. Brilliant diamonds and stunning gemstones go a long way in expressing love and endearment.


  1. Charm bracelets


A beautiful charm bracelet in sterling silver is another way to show her you plan to be around for a while, as you can add to it year after year. You can start by giving her the bracelet with a single charm or bead already added. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, a simple heart bead is a wonderful way to get her charm collecting started. Then add a special charm each birthday, Christmas or subsequent Valentines days. It’s sure to be a special piece in her jewellery box.


  1. Personalised Name Necklace

For something simple but very special, consider a Personalised Name Necklace with her name as a meaningful valentines gift. Make it more romantic by having both of your names engraved or your anniversary date onto a heart pendant.


  1. Vintage jewellery

Vintage jewellery is a timeless option, especially if the item chosen is classic in style or otherwise reflects the style of the recipient. Vintage Jewellery as a gift is perfect because it keeps its luster long after the flowers and candy are gone. It’s something she can wear throughout the years to come and be reminded of your love.


  1. Eternity rings

If you’re not ready to get engaged but feel committed to her and want to buy a ring, consider an eternity ring or a radiant coloured stone that expresses your commitment to her. Let her know how you feel!

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