Feb 18

Hinged Ring: A Beautiful Solution To Your Knuckle Problem

Are you tired of wearing a ring that spins around your finger because it turned out to be a bit too large? You are in need of a hinged ring! There are other proposed solutions to the knuckle problem, of course. These include adding a “ring guard” or “springs” inside your ring. However, these are short-lived and uncomfortable solutions to the problem.


One of the ways to counter the problem is to buy a hinged locking shank that can be added to the ring. This enables the wearer to open the band and remove the ring without causing damage to the finger or having the ring getting stuck.


Another option is to have small soldered “ balls” added to the inside of the band. Often added at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions at the bottom of the band either side of the most inside point these help hold the ring in place and stop the ring from spinning around the finger. They don’t create a permanent tightness that can stop the ring being removed however.


Having swollen knuckles can affect all ages but is most common in the elderly when arthritis can cause a swelling of the joints around the knuckle but the finger size itself is unchanged.


If you’re finding your rings are difficult to get off but a larger size will result in your ring spinning endlessly then call in-store to discuss with our staff and we will find a solution that is just right for you.

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