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Handwriting On Jewellery As A Meaningful Gift To Your Loved One

When on the lookout for meaningful ways to add a personal touch for your loved one’s gift, look no further than a pen and pencil. It really doesn’t get much more personal than this! Personalised jewellery featuring handwriting is a very meaningful way to provide a wearable reminder of your love.


Handwriting on jewellery is a gorgeous, fresh way to personalise jewellery for men or women. This style of personalised jewellery takes your handwriting and special message and integrates it into beautiful, wearable jewellery.


Handwriting on jewellery carries more than a personal message – it’s is a unique way to carry your loved ones with you – or send your love along their day with them. You can make handwriting on jewellery a meaningful gift for yourself, loved ones, or your friends for any occasion.

Because you can immediately recognise your special someone’s exaggerated loops, narrow slant, or the way they sign their name with a flourish, using the handwriting of someone special is always a winner gift. Personalised art like a handwriting on jewellery can be made using your love letters, children’s handwriting, or words of encouragement from parents or grandparents. Set these words in Sterling silver, Bronze and Copper for a gift that truly lasts.


Handwritten signature bracelet contains the signature of a loved one, or a super special message to always be cherished. A bracelet with a love note your wife can keep with her forever. You may opt for a solid sterling silver open cuff bracelet that is hand stamped with whatever inspires you – the names of your kids or your favourite quote. Personalised jewellery is a great gift for anniversaries, engagements, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Let your partner keep a handwritten message with him or her at all times, inscribed with your names, wedding date or special words of love.


Handwriting on jewellery translates well into weddings too! Signature handwritten necklace created using a phrase written in your own handwriting is a gorgeous gift idea for your maid of honour, mother or, (if you’re a groom reading this) for the bride herself! A personalised signature handwritten ring is another great gift idea for your wedding party. Just imagine how much your bridesmaids would love receiving a handwritten ring each bearing their own name.

Giving the gift of your handwriting on a personalised necklace, bracelet, cuff, or ring is a beautiful and meaningful gift for your loved ones.


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