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Gift Ideas for Your 30th Wedding Anniversary

First of all, congratulations on completing 30 years of blissful togetherness, and hope you have many more years of celebration to come. The 30th wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated with aplomb and not treated like just another occasion. But after 30 years of marriage, you may feel like you’ve tried every gift and idea in the book.

Showing your partner that you are still madly in love with them might seem a bigger challenge than it is. Instead of opting for generalised gifts and wedding anniversary ideas, you can focus on the traditional symbols and gifts for the 30th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift associated with the 30th wedding anniversary is pearl, and the anniversary is also known as Pearl Anniversary. Pearls are unique gemstones. Unlike other gemstones, they are found inside certain species. The modern gift for the 30th wedding anniversary is a diamond.

Read on to find out some fun ways of celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary and making it a milestone to remember…

1. Give each other Pearl Gifts

Gift your wife a pearl necklace, bracelet or ring. Have a romantic dinner with pearl-decorated glasses. You can also get her a mother of pearl jewellery box or picture frames. If buying a gift for your husband, give him a set of pearl cufflinks. You can also get a little creative with the gifts here. Gift your spouse an item that relates to one of their hobbies, but has a pearl theme incorporated. For instance if your partner is a history buff, give him or her a book about Pearl Harbor, or better yet, plan a trip to Hawaii to visit Pearl Harbor memorials. If he or she is a movie buff, you can gift them a DVD of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”!

2. Plan a Pearl Getaway

A holiday inspired by the pearl theme is one of the best ways of incorporating it in your celebrations. Choose a location that has a history connected with pearls. For example, the home of the South Sea pearls, Broome in Australia. While there, you can visit the Willie Creek Pearl Farm and take a look at modern cultured pearling. Look for other places too where pearls are found naturally. For example, you can find freshwater pearl mussels in Northumberland Rivers in the United Kingdom.

3. Take a Trip down the Memory Lane

It is a good idea to revisit some memories, when celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary. Spend time looking at your wedding day tape and go over photo albums to ponder over the memories you have made in the past thirty years. Creating a scrapbook together is one of the best ways to look at your best moments together, with your family and friends. Choose the pictures you like best to the scrapbook and write down why they’re special.  You can also add keepsakes such as your wedding card, holiday tickets, souvenirs, etc. to the scrapbook.

4. Celebrate with a 30-themed Party

If you are the kind of couple that loves to celebrate with family and friends, then it is the perfect occasion. Throw a special 30 year-themed party to reflect all the wonderful years spent together. Incorporate the theme in the deco, dresses and music. You can also play games such as “30 Questions”. To make it more personal, you and your partner should each make a list of 30 things you like about each other and read it aloud at the party.

5. Renew your Vows

Renewing your vows is always a romantic way of celebrating your wedding anniversary. Invite exactly 30 of your closest relatives and friends. Write your vows and exchange new wedding rings. Following the ceremony, you can also have a dinner and dance just like you did for your wedding.


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