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Different Meanings of an Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is the ultimate symbol of never-ending love and dedication to one another. Most eternity rings are set with diamonds. They are typically made of metals such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold or platinum. A ring with stones set completely around the shank is called a “full eternity” ring, whereas a ring with stones set partly around the shank is a “half eternity” ring.

The common theme of love, of course, is associated with eternity rings, but the exact meaning would depend on the couple. Depending on the occasion, eternity rings could symbolize different things. Read on to find out what they are…

  1. Never-ending Devotion: Eternity rings are an extremely beautiful declaration of undying devotion for your loved one. If you wish to tell your beloved how much you adore her and always will, this is the perfect gift. Celebrate your love by presenting her an eternity ring for an occasion such as Valentine’s Day, or a special milestone in your relationship. The endless loop of an eternity ring symbolizes a connection of a lifetime. Thus, eternity rings are plaited or multi-plaited. Sometimes, the shank is formed like a snake swallowing its own tail.
  2. Eternal Love: Being the ultimate symbol of affection, eternity rings are commonly used in wedding bands. Wedding eternity rings symbolize a never-ending circle of love and life. People buy wedding eternity rings in the perfect size so that they don’t have to be sized again. Purchase the ring in its intended size to avoid cutting and reshaping it. The rings are set in diamonds, which in themselves are symbols of eternity because of their durable and strong nature. The precious stones represent unwavering commitment, fidelity, love and friendship for your sweetheart.
  3. Show of appreciation: Ruby and diamond eternity rings are popularly gifted during the 40th wedding anniversary. When gifted during an anniversary, they symbolize a man’s continued appreciation and love for his wife. It is a romantic reminder to your better half that you are still crazy about her. Women love receiving eternity rings as anniversary presents. You can also present it to her on other momentous occasions such as the birth of a child, problems overcome together, your first big buy together, etc.

As you can see, the meaning of an eternity ring revolves around various themes of love, but it is important that the meaning you give to your ring is special and unique to the two of you. Giving a personalized meaning to your ring will make it even more special, and appreciated for a lifetime just the way it is meant to be.


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