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Choosing the Right Jewellery for People with Metal Allergy

Every so often, to reduce production costs, manufacturers add metal alloys to jewellery. These alloys can cause allergic reactions to some people.

It is important to know which materials to avoid when buying jewellery. Better yet, one must buy hypoallergenic metals, that are attractive and do not cause any form of irritation whatsoever.

Here is a handy guide to choosing the right jewellery for people with metal allergy:

  1. Buy gold higher than 14K

When buying gold jewellery, it is important to know its purity. Those with metal allergy should always purchase gold higher than 14K. Anything below 14K consists of alloys such as brass or copper. Try to avoid rose gold as it often contains nickel.

  1. Use Metal-Testing Kits

Equipped with a set of solutions that can be used on jewellery to test its purity, a metal-testing kit is very helpful to someone with metal allergy. If there is a presence of certain metals in the jewellery, the solution changes colour, making sure of your purchase. 

  1. Avoid Nickel Jewellery

Nickel is a popular metal, as it is cheap to produce and durable. However, nickel is often known to cause irritation on the skin and should be avoided if your skin is especially sensitive.

  1. Opt for Palladium and Platinum Jewellery

Palladium is a lustrous hypoallergenic metal, that can be chosen over alloys containing brass or nickel. If it fits in your budget, you can always buy platinum itself, or fine silver jewellery. These are safe and contain less than 10 percent alloys.

  1. Buy only Argentium Silver

Argentium silver is a hypoallergenic and is made of 93.5% pure silver. It has a small amount of germanium which makes it resistant to tarnish. It is brighter than White Gold and Platinum, and guaranteed to be free of nickel.

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