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Children’s jewellery: perfect for a special occasion, her first piece of jewellery or just because

Precious and sweet, jewellery for children is an adorable choice. Children’s jewellery is not a new concept but it has moved on from only the giving of traditional items for special occasions. No longer do you choose jewellery for kids as a token to celebrate a special occasion. Choose a beautiful piece of jewellery for her first jewellery box, just because… or as a perfect gift for any special occasion.


In the past, children’s jewellery was focused on ceremony or landmark celebrations such as the giving of a silver Christening bangle, and charms or tokens to mark events such as first days of school or birthdays. However, nowadays, children’s jewellery is becoming a gift for any time just to show care rather than because of a milestone event.


Children’s jewellery is become more sophisticated as children become more discerning in their own style choices, including the type of jewellery they wish to wear. Years ago, a child might have only wished for a toy to play with, but now a child has a desire of jewellery that mimics their mother’s or older sister’s tastes. These little girls love to copy their mother’s or sister’s jewellery, so finding pieces that look “grown up” is always a great choice


There are many different options for what jewellery to use as children’s jewellery:


  • Bangles are cute on the tiny hands of kids. If you choose fine metal bangles, silver or gold bangles may be engraved or decorated with beautiful designs and gems.
  • Some parents choose to pierce their girl’s ears as a baby. These young girls can easily be gifted earrings. Consider the shape, design and the gemstones set on the metal to make sure you choose the right pair of earrings for kids. For older children with unpierced ears, clip-on earrings can be a vintage, beautiful option too.
  • Necklaces that include gold, novelty and birthstone pendants are meaningful, and so are children’s initial pendants in sterling silver or pearl stud earrings. Gold pendants are an adorable inclusion to children’s jewellery. Different styles like classic and contemporary are available.
  • There are many children’s motifs that look great on children’s jewellery. Look for hearts, bows, coloured gems, birthstones, and even cartoon characters cast in fine metals. “Daddy’s Little Girl” and similar sentiments are often available in silver and gold. Initials and names can also be cast in fine metal and are great for children old enough to read or recognise their name.

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