• All About Cubic Zirconia

    Cubic zirconia is a visually stunning gemstone. This gemstone is not only popular for its appearance but also for its affordability. So much so that it is used as an inexpensive substitute to diamonds. It is believed to be especially good for people born in April, and have many positive effects on the wearer.   […]

  • Understanding Gemstone Sizes

    You may have heard of carat as the most popular term used to describe the size of a gemstone. However, depending on the shape and type of gemstone, its size can be expressed in different terms such as millimetres. If the gemstone is round then two dimensions are taken into consideration when talking about size, […]

  • Choosing The Right Gemstone Jewellery For Your Wedding Anniversary

    As special as your wedding day, the celebrations aren’t over yet. Let’s not forget the (hopefully) many ceremonies that you will celebrate with your spouse. In order to mark these special occasions, there is a gemstone associated with each wedding anniversary. You might be aware of the gemstones to be gifted on the big anniversaries […]

  • Alexandrite: Nature’s Magic Trick

    The birthstone of June, alexandrite is known for its ability to change its colour. The gemstone is also associated with the 45th wedding anniversary. It is also known to have a healing effect on those with ear problems, and circulatory system disorders, as well as bring good fortune and enhance self-esteem.   Let us go […]

  • Add Style To Your Look With Turquoise Jewellery

    Turquoise jewellery is always on trend and always makes a statement! From vintage turquoise necklaces, large turquoise and silver cuff bracelets, and turquoise pendant earrings, turquoise is always in style, looks fabulous on everyone and it can dress up or dress down your look depending on what you’re wearing. Paired with a sexy, coral-coloured slip […]

  • The Beauty Of The Peridot Gemstone

    Peridot gemstones are gorgeous green hued gems that are revered for their restful yellowish green hues and long, rich history. This beautiful gem is the birthstone for the month of August and the classic 16th anniversary stone. People get curious about peridot when they search for jewellery celebrating their August birthday because it is not […]

  • Morganite or Pink Emerald: The Stone of Divine Love

    Named after J.P.Morgan, the great financier, Morganite is often referred to as the Pink Emerald. The stone is believed to bring joy, inner strength, compassion, and is also called the stone of Divine Love.   Let’s take a closer look at the properties of Morganite or the Pink Emerald:   Colour of Morganite: The gemstone […]

  • What Does A Black Diamond Engagement Ring Mean?

    Black engagement rings are striking, bold, and completely unusual. Black diamonds do not sparkle but they are still real diamonds. Black diamonds have an inky dark colour that is essentially opaque, making the 4Cs of diamond grading less applicable. The colour of black diamond is caused by graphite inclusions or, more commonly, enhancement by a safe […]

  • Travelling With Jewellery: Packing Tips And Tricks

    Jewellery is such a vital part of fashion and your personal look. It’s vital to bring accessories on your vacations, out of town trips and sometimes, even the gym. But how to organise jewellery without causing lots of tangles and tears is certainly something that takes a bit of skill. While travelling with jewellery is […]

  • Aquamarine: The Perfect Gift For People With New Ventures

    Aquamarine gemstone acquires its name from the Latin word, seawater. It is also the birthstone for March. Among other things, aquamarines are thought to possess healing powers and they are said to cure depression, anxiety and grief. It is also believed that they provide their wearer with foresight, happiness and youth.   Aquamarines are said […]



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