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Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Wedding Jewellery

Your wedding is an important occasion and you are bound to be super excited about shopping for your dress and jewellery. But hold your horses! It’s easy to get carried away and buy jewellery before the dress. Or buy jewellery without keeping in mind what you’re going to do with it after your wedding day is long gone.

You may just be committing some of the most common wedding jewellery buying mistakes without even realising it. Steer clear of these seven mistakes committed when buying wedding jewellery:

  1. Buying wedding jewellery before the dress:

One of the biggest and yet most common mistakes! A good sale could lure you into it. Or spotting something you can’t get your eyes off when you’re on a holiday. But remember, wedding jewellery is meant to accessorise your wedding dress. How can you do that before you have the dress? Buy your shoes, bracelets and earrings before the dress, and you’ll be left with a mismatched or incomplete look on D-day!

  1. Spending more than you should:

Be sure to shop around, and make hasty decisions. Many a times jewellers attach a premium to what they call “wedding jewellery”, assuming everyone is willing to spend a little more on their big day. Be sure not to fall for such tricks, and do your research well, before investing in anything.

  1. Ignoring your skin tone:

It’s easy to forget this important aspect while buying jewellery. Think of which metal suits you best, gold or silver, and stick to that. Same goes for coloured stones. If your skin lends itself better to gold, go for it, even if it may not really be the most popular option.

  1. Going with current trends:

The thing with “current” trends is, they’re short-lived. You want to buy timeless jewellery that you can wear after your wedding is over. Buy pieces that have a classic charm, so your bridal jewellery always looks fashionable.

  1. Going overboard with matching:

A certain harmony of colours is good, but matching every single piece of jewellery is not essential. Many a times family heirlooms are passed on to brides. Don’t shy away from wearing them if they aren’t the exact same colour as the rest of your jewellery.

  1. Not knowing how much is too much:

Remember, less is more. Always. Even on your wedding day. You don’t necessarily have to wear it all – a veil, tiara, flowers, earrings, necklace and bracelet! Every dress demands its own accessories, and if yours is already embellished heavily, you jewellery and other accessories should be minimal. Try on your look before the wedding, take a second opinion and don’t shy away from scaling back a bit.

  1. Upstaging the dress:

You know what ruins the ultimate wedding gown? Jewellery that screams for attention! Wedding jewellery should play a supporting role in enhancing the beauty of your dress, not take centre stage itself. People are going to talk about what dress you wore, long after the wedding, not what your wedding jewellery was like.


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