Apr 21

Aquamarine: The Perfect Gift For People With New Ventures

Aquamarine gemstone acquires its name from the Latin word, seawater. It is also the birthstone for March. Among other things, aquamarines are thought to possess healing powers and they are said to cure depression, anxiety and grief. It is also believed that they provide their wearer with foresight, happiness and youth.


Aquamarines are said to be excellent gifts for anyone starting a new venture or a new phase of life, such as new mothers, a newly married couple, or someone venturing out on the open sea.


Here’s more about why aquamarines make a perfect gift for people with new ventures:

  1. Aquamarines for couples: A Roman legend states that aquamarines absorb young love and amplifies the feeling. Thus, it was thought to be a good gift to be given by a groom to his wife after they have consummated their marriage. In general, given the nature of the stone, it would make an appropriate gift for a newly married couple.
  2. Aquamarines for sailors: The aquamarine imitated the sea and the air and hence it identified with Apostle, St. Thomas. The Romans and the Greeks both believed that aquamarine ensured that sailors pass safely across stormy seas. Hence, it is also known as the sailor’s gemstone.
  3. Aquamarines for victory: Popular folklore also states that aquamarines were thought to help in bringing victories in legal and other battles. They were used in special ceremonies with the belief that they would help them by bringing rain when needed and drought upon their enemies when sought for.


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