Jun 02

Alexandrite: Nature’s Magic Trick

The birthstone of June, alexandrite is known for its ability to change its colour. The gemstone is also associated with the 45th wedding anniversary. It is also known to have a healing effect on those with ear problems, and circulatory system disorders, as well as bring good fortune and enhance self-esteem.


Let us go through the various properties of nature’s magic trick, alexandrite gemstone:


Colour change phenomenon: Alexandrite gemstone has a unique property of displaying different colours under different types of light. In daylight, alexandrite shows an emerald-green colour and when viewed in incandescent light, it appears raspberry red. The gemstone is often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night”. It is also a pleochroic gemstone that displays colours such as red, green, yellow and orange, depending on which angle it is viewed from. Its colour change abilities are different from its pleochroic properties.


Lustre and clarity: The Alexandrite gemstone generally does not include a lot of inclusions. Once cut and polished, the gemstone displays a vitreous lustre. Fine alexandrite over 1 carat in weight are said to be more valuable than emerald, ruby and blue sapphire


Alternative healing properties: Often used in crystal healing, alexandrite gemstone is widely believed to boost self-esteem and bring good luck to its owner. It has also been known to cure various types of disorders, as mentioned earlier. It is also said that the gemstone helps absorb positive vibes and get rid of negative energy.
Shape and cut: Owing to its property of pleochroism, cutting alexandrite is a challenge for cutters. It is cut in such a way that it shows the colour that is strongest through its crown. Alexandrite gemstones are usually found in oval, pear, cushion and round cuts, as well as trillion and heart cuts.

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