Jun 18

6 Ways to Care for Your Diamonds

A diamond is forever… isn’t it? Well, it should be! But often, diamonds lose their sparkle or fall from their settings when not cared for correctly. It’s a tragedy whenever that happens, because diamonds represent so much by way of love and commitment. Their loss can be felt forever.

Don’t let that happen to you!

There are amazing ways to care for your diamonds that will help them keep their lustre, sparkle and shine, and prevent a lost diamond.

  1. See a diamond specialist or jeweller regularly

Regularly, you should take your diamond jewellery to your local reputable jeweller for a proper clean. This expert clean is really best done by someone with the knowledge to do so without damaging your setting and who will have the necessary ultrasonic machines and steam cleaners to get the job done correctly.

  1. Look after your diamonds at home

Looking after your diamonds will go a long way to helping them stay safe and retain their sparkle. Don’t clean with your jewellery on. The harsh chemicals can damage your stone and the setting holding it in place. Store your diamond jewellery properly, so that they don’t rub and bump each other. This sort of contact can damage your jewellery significantly.

  1. Clean your jewellery at home

When your jewellery gets messy, clean it gently with a little soap and water. A cloth can be used for cleaning the band of the ring. Keeping the grime and dirt from your stone will ensure that it is protected and safe.

  1. Inspect your jewellery regularly

Inspect the diamond setting every time you clean your jewellery. Check for looseness, for broken prongs or anything that could result in a lost diamond. Your diamond should look and feel secure. Take care to inspect each claw for signs of wear or damage. Claws will wear down over time so it is important that the claw appears thick or it may break off and leave the stone vulnerable.

  1. Don’t use just any cleaner or dip

Only use cleaners recommended by your jeweller. There are many dips and cleaners on the market and you need to choose the right one. The wrong dip or cleaner can damage your jewellery.

  1. Get good insurance

Having good insurance is crucial to taking care of your diamonds. Check your policy thoroughly to see under what circumstances and where your diamonds will be covered.

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