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5 Ways To Damage Your Watch

There is nothing better that that soft tick-tick of your favourite watch. It looks good on you and it goes with you wherever you are. Considering how much time you spend with it, it’s really more like family than just a watch – especially after you spent all that time and effort to find the perfect watch that fit your style and budget.

Now, you have just one last thing to remember to help keep your watch working for years.

Make sure you dont wreck it!

These 5 ways are common mistakes new and old watch owners make that can damage and ruin your favourite watch.

  1. Voiding the warranty

Most good watches come with an extended or lifetime warranty. This warranty will ensure that your investment will last. However, once your warranty has been voided, your watch will be exposed to uncovered damage. The most common warranty voiding error is fitting your own watch battery. Watch battery replacement should always be done by a professional.

  1. Replace the battery yourself

Not only do you void your warranty when you open your watch, but every time you open the back of your watch to change the battery, you run the very real risk of ruining the delicate workings of the watch with your fingers. Sensitive parts of the watch, including the coil, is very close to the battery, and if damaged, the watch will be damaged permanently. Even if you know how to change a watch battery without causing significant damage, most people forget that the job isn’t done once the battery is replaced. New gaskets must be installed each time the back is opened and the watch needs to be re-oiled and maintained in a way that most laypeople are not equipped to facilitate. Repeated openings damage the water resistance and the seals will need to be continuously monitored. Fitting your own watch battery opens you to the risk of breaking the glass – it happens way more frequently than you’d think. It is not uncommon for even experienced watch fitters to occasionally break the glass of a watch when fitting the back onto the watch after the battery fitting.

  1. Getting water inside the watch

That tell-tale mist under the glass is never a good sign. If your watch is water resistant or works in water then not refitting the back again properly can result in water entering the watch and damaging it.

  1. Spraying cologne or perfume on the watch

The chemicals in perfume or cologne not only damage the metals and decorative elements on the watch, but can also eat away at the seals and protective elements of the watch.

  1. Wearing it in the bath or shower

The heat from a bath or shower can damage even waterproof watches. Take care of your watch by removing it before hopping in the shower.

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