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5 Ways to Celebrate your 10th Wedding Anniversary

The first milestone in your married life, the 10th wedding anniversary certainly calls for a special celebration. It’s time to congratulate each other on the durability of your relationship and celebrate a decade of togetherness. Your relationship has withstood many ups and downs, and it’s time to let your partner know how much you appreciate his or her understanding. To celebrate every important milestone in your relationship, special gifts are attached to each anniversary. The traditional 10th anniversary gifts are tin and aluminum, while diamonds are the modern symbols.

Read on to find 5 interesting ways to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary:

1. Give your spouse 10th anniversary themed gifts

Take your partner for a romantic candlelit dinner, dance on your favourite love song and then present him or her with the gift. Tin and aluminum are traditional 10th anniversary gifts, as they symbolize malleability and flexibility. You could get antique tin toys or decorative items such as candle holders, wall scones or paper weights.  Of course, many couples wish to get the modern symbols of the 10th wedding anniversary, diamonds. Dazzling diamond jewellery pieces such as bracelets, pins, rings, cufflinks, broaches and necklaces are brilliant anniversary presents. If you want it to be light on the pocket, you could also get your spouse blue sapphire jewellery as that too is a 10th anniversary gemstone.

2. Make a personalized present:

While this may take a little time, it will surely reflect how much you love your partner and know about their likes and dislikes. Some great ideas to start with are CDs with your favourite songs as a couple, photo album capturing all the wonderful moments you’ve spent together and love coupons. You could also give a special twist to the photo album concept and compile a special love magazine or short romantic movie with the two of you. Stuff these into a little tin box along with confetti, loves notes, and a few pictures of you two. Your spouse will be pleasantly surprised by the sweet gesture!

3. Have a get together with family and friends

While wedding anniversaries under the 20 year mark are not usually celebrated with a huge gathering, many couples do prefer to celebrate all special occasions with near and dear ones. Invite your close family and friends for an evening of celebration. Have the DJ play songs that were popular the year you got married. Transport the guests ten years back in time, with the décor and dress code. You can also play a slideshow with special memories that the two of you have made over the years, occasions such as having your first child, birthday parties, vacations, etc.

4. Take off for a fun-filled trip

This is one of the best ways to rekindle the romance and proximity that you once shared with each other. It is easy to get lost in the rigmarole of day-today activities that bog you down and leave little room for the two of you to spend time together. Make it a vacation to remember. Pack the itinerary with all the activities the two of you have been meaning to do together. Plan in advance so the two of you can take time off your schedule, and put some thought into the vacation.

5. Go on a cruise

A cruise is one of the most romantic getaways for couples. For many couples, going away on a cruise on the 10th wedding anniversary is a dream-come-true. Again, it is a great way to spend some quality time with each other, while a break from your hectic schedules. Research well and plan ahead to get the best deals, and make it an anniversary to remember.

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