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5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Bracelet for Your Loved One

Bracelets are a versatile piece of jewellery and can be gifted to friends, bridesmaids, colleagues and also moms. Some people exchange bracelets as a sign of friendship or an everlasting relationship. Traditionally, friendship bracelets were hand woven, but nowadays they are available in various types and styles.

Bracelets can be decorated with different types of pendants and charms. The charms on bracelets are believed to ward off evil spirits. They also reflect the wearer’s personality, their favourite things and hobbies.  This makes charm bracelets a great gift for events such as weddings, graduations and new babies.

No matter what the occasion, if looking to buy a bracelet for someone special, keep the following points in mind to find the perfect one:


  1.  Keep the Wearer in Mind

While this one’s a no brainer, it is especially important when buying a bracelet. Find out the wrist size of the wearer; discreetly if possible. When it comes to charm bracelets, those that drape around your wrist without falling off or slipping onto your hand, look best. Give considerable thought to the wearer’s personality and style. Does the person love bursts of colour in their accessories, or do they prefer monochromes? What are their hobbies, favourite sports, activities, etc.? Buy charms for the bracelet accordingly. Make it all about the wearer and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  1. Consider your Budget

While the average bracelets are not expensive, if you are looking for brand names such as Tiffany and Co., they can be pricey for sure. The price of the bracelet is dictated by the material, and gold, silver, platinum and sterling command the highest price. It is advisable to buy a bracelet of good quality for it to last for a number of years.

  1.  Think of the type of bracelet you want

Charm bracelets can be of various types such as those with zodiac signs, animals, religious symbols, letters and flags and numbers that commemorate special occasions. Charms that mark occasions such as graduations and weddings have a blank space that can be engraved with a short inscription or date. You can also buy birthstone charm bracelets for a loved one’s birthday. Carefully consider the occasion you are buying the bracelet for, and then look at the different styles available.

  1.  Know the different bracelet styles

In general there are three different charm bracelet styles: European or Pandora, Italian and traditional. European-style bracelets are made of beads. Traditional bracelets have charms attached to bracelet links. The wearer can add charms to the bracelet as per his interests. Italian charm bracelets are made of metal and have rounded interchangeable beads in them. The trinkets on the bracelet lie flat on your wrist, thus preventing them from getting caught in your dress or breaking. Italian bracelets are bright and fun, and a great gift for young adults and children alike.

  1. Choose the right material

Bracelets with links are made of silver, stainless steel, sterling and gold. Most charm bracelets have enamel that adds colour to them. For those who prefer handcrafted glass beads, Murano glass charm bracelets are the perfect choice. Charm bracelets are also available leather, plastic and made with semi-precious stones or gems. You may also want to consider the skin tone of the person you are buying for. The right metals and gemstones such as rose bracelet charms or aqua crystal will complement their skin.

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