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3 Factors to Consider when buying a Silver chain

A silver chain is a basic piece of jewellery that makes special pendants and outfits look all the more stunning. Usually ignored in favour of gems and large pieces of jewellery, silver chains make a powerful style statement. Buying the perfect silver chain requires a little more effort than simply walking to the nearest jewellery store. It requires an eye for detail and basic knowledge about chain lengths and types.


Familiarise yourself with the following basic factors that you must consider when buying a silver chain:


1. Chain Length

The length of the chain is an important factor to consider while buying a silver chain. First, it depends on who the chain is for, a man or a woman. Men’s chain lengths vary from 45 cm to 60 cm, while women’s chain lengths can be up to 75 centimetres long. The length decides where it will sit on your neck and the look it will give. It is also helpful to know some commonly used terms when it comes to chain lengths. Chokers are usually 20-30 centimetres in length and drive focus to the neckline, while princess, opera and matinee necklaces rest on the collarbone and below. Long chains look best with extremely high or low necklines.


2. Chain Types

This is another important factor to consider. The type of the chain constitutes the actual design of the links making the chain. Some of common chain types include snake, beaded, ropes, cable and rolo. If you intend to wear the chain with a particular pendant, choose the type of the chain accordingly.


3. Authenticity of the Chain

Once you’ve decided the length and type of chain, it is important to examine the authenticity of the chain. Check the chain for the maker’s mark, along the chain or at the clasp. Also, check if it is attracted to a magnet. If it is, it’s probably not silver. In addition, it is always advisable to buy from a trusted jeweller.

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